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  • 16th March – Dave Monks BBC Introducing Acoustic session.

    5th May (7:30 pm) – Liverpool Sound City, Constellations Stage

    26th June – Dave Monks BBC Cavern show.

    13th July – Deeper Cuts Festival Liverpool – Event Page

    20th July – LIMF – Liverpool International Music Festival, Music City Stage – Event Page

    26th July – Kendal Calling – 1 pm House Party Stage – Event Page

Aimée Steven’s haunting Francophile style vocals portray sad stories of modern life soundtracked by edgy guitars, to create her own brand of “red beret pop”.


I could say that this has always been my dream, but I’d be lying. I never connected the dots, until recently.

I was in love with music from an early age, but it was never something I thought I could create. I never saw myself as a possible singer or performer, just the avid listener. Music was always around, jukeboxes, live acts and DJs at family parties. I grew up listening to everything from the Bee Gees to Roy Orbison or Barbara Streisand. However, I didn’t see an instrument until I was about 15, merely listening to music had been enough for me.

To me, music and fashion have always been linked. Since the day I first saw David Bowie I could not deny it. Aesthetic is very important to me. At around 18 the fashion of the 1960s and 70s became a fascination. I found these decades so attractive and started taking my style inspiration from Jane Birkin, Brigette Bardot etc. I’ve always dressed pretty creatively, and I’ve been through a lot of phases, some of which I would rather forget.

At 18 I went to university and hated every minute. I was incredibly lonely and hardly attended my lectures. I drank a lot and stayed out late so that I could forget how rubbish everything seemed. As part of my course, I had to live abroad for one year, so I went to Barcelona. While there I made friends with local psychedelic music enthusiasts. This was the start of my musical creativity and I bought myself a guitar. However, as time went on I realised that my mental health was suffering in Spain, so I ended up booking a flight home and dropped out of university.

Music remained the one constant comfort in my life, so I decided – after much deliberation – that I wanted to start blogging and interviewing musicians at home in the UK. I ran a blog for about six months and really enjoyed it until I finally realised I didn’t want to write about music. I wanted to write music.

I started writing songs, began attending more gigs, made more friends on the music scene and got involved with some local music companies. I was in my element but still wanted more. I wanted to be that person on stage.

And now luckily I have been given the opportunity to record and release my songs, I can feel my confidence and my musical confidence growing – It’s Time to write my next chapter.

– Aimée