So, you think you are the next big thing?

Well, you might just be and if you are we’d love to hear what you are doing. A few pointers first though:

Are You Serious?

The music business is not for the faint-hearted. You have to have staying power and commit – do you really want to do this? When you are driving up the M6 for the 10th time in a month in the back of a van, surrounded by all your equipment and the drummer is tapping his legs pounding out the next beat to aggravate your headache – ask yourself – do I really want to do this? If the answer is yes, then read on…

Sending In Demos

We really really want to hear great new music. What we don’t want to hear is last nights effort in the pub recorded on your mates iPhone. So:

  • Phone recordings are fine as it goes, but make it the best you can.
  • Got one great song – mmmm, send us the best of 5 or 10. One song is not a career – we’re looking to build careers.
  • Tell us about yourself. You know like on the X Factor where they give the backstory – but not as nauseous please – we really like to keep our breakfast down.
  • Send us links to your Social Media – if we like your sound we are going to go looking anyway – if you make it easy we’d like you more even more!
  • We don’t mind if you haven’t toured the UK, or even played in your local – we want people with talent and great songs.
  • If you have got/played gigs, let us know where and when and for how many people… (and how many were related to you)
  • Once you have sent something in please please don’t keep chasing us – we will listen and we will get back to you.

So, if you still want to send us something here is the address: